10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun (2024)

We all use Google every day to find useful information and perform searches for school, work, or just to satisfy our curiosity. Google has a lighter side, however, that you might not know about.

Google has a toolbox of fun little visual tricks, called Google Gravity, embedded into various Google pages using JavaScript.

Google Gravity offers a little bit of lighthearted entertainment for a few seconds. A whole slew of Gravity pages have been created, many by Google itself and many others by third parties who wanted to get in on the action.

Some are more fun than others but all are worth a few seconds of your day. Here are my personal top ten best Google Gravity tricks. Take a look and see what you think.

10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun (1)

1. Google Zero Gravity

Google Zero Gravity is one of the most basic tricks but is one of the more entertaining on this list.

Even though it does the same thing each time, it doesn’t seem to get old. Visit Google Zero Gravity here to see what I mean.

Keep in mind that, once the action is complete, the search box isn’t usable. As such, it’s not the most practical thing in the world. The other links all still work, though.

2. Google Guitar

Google Guitar is a neat trick that turns the search box into a guitar. Use your mouse or gesture to pluck a string and off you go.

You can experiment or look underneath for a couple of well-known songs you can play. It’s a little thing and probably won’t hold your attention for long, but it’s a lot of fun to play with.

Visit Google Guitar here.

3. Google Space

10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun (2)

Google Space is not a page you want to visit after having a couple of drinks.

It simulates zero gravity in an interesting and quite mind-bending way. It does funny things to perception and will upset those of you who prefer things in ordered lines.

Nevertheless, it’s a bit of fun to watch the screen for a minute or two. Try Google Space here.

4. Google Underwater

Google Underwater is quite relaxing if you watch it long enough.

It simulates being underwater and drops the search box into the ocean with fish swimming all around it. Like the others, the search box doesn’t work on here, but it’s still fun to play around with.

It’s a simple but pleasant nice background to have while you’re working. Try Google Underwater here.

5. Google Pacman

10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun (3)

Google Pacman has been around for years but it is still a bit of fun for a few minutes.

Open the page, hit Insert Coin, and play a quick round of the 80s classic within the browser. Despite being ancient, the game is as challenging as ever and offers a basic but entertaining break from work or homework.

Try Google Pacman here.

6. Google Sphere

Google Sphere is another mind-bender that is also a bit of mild amusem*nt for a minute or two.

The traditional Google screen from the 1990s appears and the search box stays static while all the text around it rotates in a circle simulating a sphere. This one looks old and, like Pacman, is from an earlier age. But despite that, it offers a little levity in a long day.

Try Google Sphere here.

7. Google Terminal

10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun (4)

Google Terminal is one for the coders out there.

It turns the usual Google search page into a 1980s MS-DOS-style code terminal. It takes a few seconds to orient yourself to the layout but once you have, it is actually very easy to use. The usual search and ‘I’m feeling lucky’ options are present, you just have to work slightly harder to find them.

Try Google Terminal here.

8. Epic Google

If you’re having one of those days where you’re feeling epic, this Google Gravity trick is for you.

Epic Google allows you to perform an Epic Search and instead of feeling lucky you’re feeling EXCESSIVE. The search engine still performs its usual functions, though, so it’s all for show.

Try Epic Google here.

9. Funny Google

10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun (5)

Funny Google is for those who still laugh at toilet jokes, like me.

It is the usual Google-style main page with another window underneath called ‘Set another name.’ Enter a word into the box, press ‘Enter,’ and that word replaces Google above the search box. We all know what word(s) you’re going to put in there.

Type your cuss word of choice into Funny Google here.

10. Zerg Rush

The final Google Gravity trick worth trying is called Zerg Rush. Any gamer past a certain age will probably recognize this name – it’s from the classic video game StarCraft and refers to a strategy of immediately building a large number of small, cheap units and attacking one’s enemy before they have a chance to get established.

While the Google Gravity version is a bit lower-key than the video game’s interpretation,it’s still in the spirit of the original. This is the only trick that actively interrupts the search process but it’s so much fun that we can easily forgive it!

Try Zerg Rush here.

Final Thoughts

As much as we all use Google, it might surprise you to learn that it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Google Gravity offers a fun way to waste a few minutes when you’re bored at work or school. Try out these 10 Google Gravity tricks and let us know what you think about them.

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10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun (2024)


What are the 10 Easter eggs in Google? ›

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  • Tic Tac Toe. ...
  • Flip a Coin. ...
  • Roll a Die. ...
  • What Sound Does A Cow Make? ...
  • Google in 1998. ...
  • Do a Barrel Roll. ...
  • Pacman.

What is the Google Gravity Magic Trick? ›

Type google gravity into the search bar and click I'm Feeling Lucky. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, which is just below the search field, takes you directly to the Gravity version of the Google search page. At first, the search page will look normal!

How to trick Google search? ›

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  1. Use quotes to get an "EXACT" match. ...
  2. Search within a specific site with site: ...
  3. Exclude a term from search results with - ...
  4. Search images of a particular size with imagesize: ...
  5. Search for a particular filetype with filetype: ...
  6. Use wildcard * to make searches. ...
  7. Combine searches with OR , AND logic.
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Searching for “the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything" brings up the Google Calculator, presenting the answer “42.” This is a reference to the Douglas Adams novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and has been around since the first Easter eggs were developed—even predating the ...

What is the drop bear like Google tricks? ›

Drop Bear. Drop Bears are a piece of Australian folklore that feature a carnivorous version of the cuddly creatures that drop onto prey and go to town. Clicking on the road sign that appears when you search “drop bear” will present an animation of a drop bear falling to the bottom of the search page.

What is the Google search that makes everything fall? ›

Type “google gravity” into the search on the Google homepage, then click on the “I'm Feeling Lucky” button. A single click anywhere on the screen, and watch it drop!

Do Google Gravity I'm feeling lucky? ›

The Google gravity is simple, but I am feeling lucky on the gravity page when you want to click on the I am feeling lucky. You sure have to do more work on your speed. Because when you are first entertaining on the Google gravity page, you will see all the menus starting to fall at the bottom of the page.

What word tilts Google? ›

Askew/Tilt will tilt the google page and the user watching it for the first time will be shocked. Try it with your friends to see their reaction.

What is the funny Google Gravity Easter egg? ›

Google Gravity is a fun and interactive Easter egg created by Google that simulates the effects of gravity on a webpage. When you visit the Google Gravity page, the search bar, logo, and other elements on the page will fall to the bottom of the page as if they were affected by gravity.

What are the cool Google tricks? ›

To activate the Google trick, go to the Google Search bar and type in the name of the game. For example, if you type “PAC-MAN” in the Search bar, Google will show you a PAC-MAN doodle with a Play button below. You can tap on the Play button and start playing some of these iconic games!

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  • The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. This is really one of the coolest Google Search Easter Eggs, especially for those who read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. ...
  • Baker's Dozen. ...
  • Bletchley Park. ...
  • Conway's Game of Life. ...
  • Play Atari Breakout in Google Images. ...
  • Askew. ...
  • Flip a Coin. ...
  • Fun Facts.

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  1. In the Chrome browser, open a new tab.
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  3. The side menu will then pop up and present color options and the ability to upload your own image or change the theme.
Dec 15, 2023

Does Google have a secret game? ›

You can download and play all sorts of games there, but there are also "secret" games hidden within Google itself, including Pac-Man, Quick Draw, Whirlybird, and more.

What to type in Google for tricks? ›

10 of the coolest Google Easter eggs
  • Blink html. Typing "blink html" into the Google will make all bold text blink. ...
  • Do a Barrel roll. If you type "Do a barrel roll" into Google search, the search results will flip 360 degrees, a nod to Nintendo's Star fox games. ...
  • "Beam me up, Scotty" ...
  • Google 1998. ...
  • Zerg Rush.

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Here are 10 of the best Google search secrets I've put to good use.
  • Use the tabs Google provides. ...
  • Search with quotes. ...
  • Use a colon to search specific sites. ...
  • Use the asterisk wildcard. ...
  • Search for sites that are similar to other sites. ...
  • Use + or – in your search. ...
  • Use Advanced Google Search. ...
  • Set time restraints.
Mar 6, 2023

What is the blink HTML Easter egg? ›

To trigger the easter egg, all you need to do is search for [blink html] and the search results will blink at you, at least the words that read "blink" and "html" will blink at you in the search results. Give it a try. Here are some older Google Easter Eggs: Google Easter Egg: "When Am I"

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