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Outside the iconic Greyfriars Bobby Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland sits a bronze statue of a small Skye Terrier. The statue is often referred to as ‘the lucky dog’. It denotes the loyalty of a small terrier that died 160 years ago and was laid to rest in the town’s cemetery.

An Edinburgh police watchman named John Gray died of tuberculosis on February 15, 1858. During life, the man had owned a small terrier named Bobby. The little dog adored his master and the feeling was mutual. Townspeople always reported that the duo shared everything together and they were considered completely inseparable.When John Gray passed away, Bobby led the funeral procession to the Greyfriars cemetery. After the funeral concluded and the mourners vacated the cemetery, the small dog remained. The cemetery caretaker tried to run the dog off but he snuck back to the grave. He laid beside the grave no matter what the weather.

Dogs were not usually allowed in the cemetery but the dog’s loyalty won the townspeople's hearts and he was allowed to remain beside the grave. At one o'clock every day the small dog would leave the grave to go to a local pub where he used to eat with his owner. Once there, he was fed by the staff and then would return to his post beside the grave.

The small dog was adored by the townsfolk and soon started gathering a loyal fan following. Many people would travel to Edinburgh just to see Bobby. This dedicated dog stood guard by his owner’s grave until his death in 1872 at the age of 16. He was also buried in the Greyfriars cemetery.

Numerous books and films have been made telling Bobby’s story. He remains a local hero and his story still draws tourists. The statue outside the pub where he used to dine every day draws many visitors who believe that if they rub the iron dog’s nose they will have good luck. Unfortunately, the statue’s nose has been rubbed so many times that the statue has had to undergo restoration twice and nowadays the pub owners ask that no one rub the dog’s nose in order to preserve the statue.

Dog Names Meaning Lucky | Popular Male and Female Names | Wag! - Wag! (2024)
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