J/88 Video Gallery of sailing, daysailing, and racing. (2024)

A J88 Big Boat Series!


boat: J88 bennyThanks to St. Francis Yacht Clubsong: Gold KiiaraThis is the first race of day 3 in which we did win but ended up 3rd over for the regatta!




J/88 Speed Run


Took J88.se for a spin. 8 degrees C, sunny and 25-30 knots northerly breeze outside Vinga.




J88.se | 2019 Midsummer Solo Challenge


Solo sail racing with http://J88.se on the west coast of Sweden.Many sail changes, different winds, 132NM in 26h 28min. Indeed a real challenge for the around 60 solo sailers attending this second year the race is arranged. Many thanks to Båtagent, http://batagent.se, who provided some photos in this movie and also is the sponsor for Midsummer Solo Challenge, http://midsummersolo.com




J88.se | 2019 Marstrand Big Boat Race


J88.se attended in the “Sports Class” with total 13 similar relatively small boats where 10 of them were FarEast 28R. We finished on 5th place and are “almost” satisfied with that. :)




J/88 Sail Test - 48° North Magazine


The 48° North team had a lovely time testing out the very cool new 29' J/88 sailboat from J/Boats with Ben Braden of Sail Northwest.




J88.se | Hamble to Göteborg


Double handed sailing from Hamble, UK, to Göteborg, Sweden, in the J/88 just purchased in Hamble.A great sailing adventure during 11 days and 865 nautical miles!The J/88 delivered even more fun and stable handling than we could imagine and when approaching Dover we were often over 16 knots boat speed through the water and with 17.4 knots as speed record for the trip.Welcome to share our big smiles in this video!




Inside the Classes: J/88


The newest one-design to the St. Petersburg NOOD Regatta has some tight racing and camaraderie, but the difference in the results come down to what’s in the mix.



J/88 Sail and Tuning with From North Sails Expert Tim Healy


Learn More: https://www.northsails.com/sailing/...Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/NorthSail...Join North U's Chuck Allen and President of North Sails One Design, Tim Healy, as they recap findings and draw conclusions from testing sessions in the J/88. In this video: Rig tuning, Jib In-hauling, sailing wing-on-wing.




J/88 Awesome 2016 Quantum Key West Race Week


Just in case you missed Key West - the following is a compilation of two videos, one by Quantum Sails Racing Drone and only by T2P.TV, and a short slide show of just a few of the 1000's of photos taken by Photo-Boat, BoatPix, Sara-Proctor, Max Ranchi, and the STC Division 3 RC.More can be found at:Photo-Boat© http://www.photo-boat.com/regatta-p...BoatPix© http://www.inletpics.com/p173660426Max Ranchi© http://www.maxranchi.com/yacht/?pag...Sara-Proctor© https://saraproctor.smugmug.com/Qua...




J/88 Sailboat Test: Short Ride with the boats.com Team


http://features.boats.com/boat-cont...For more boat tests, visit www.boats.com.The boats.com team took a ride on the new J/88 with Jeff Johnstone of J/Boats. We asked him a few questions.John: How many does it take to crew?Jeff: You can sail it with two, and it can hold eight.John: And how fast have you gone?Jeff: Top speed, 14.8 knots in 20 knots of breeze.The design has a modest beam, 9'6". It weighs 5000 lbs, with 2200 of that in the keel, which draws 6.5 feet. Getting underway was straightforward. We sailed upwind in about 10 knots of breeze plus or minus, going about 6.5 knots on average.When I was driving, I felt the helm was quite balanced. When Carol was diriving, she's sailed the J/70, which is about 6 feet shorter, she said it feels like a big one.Even in about 10 knots of breeze the boat accelerated really well, and when we got a little bit of a puff or heated it up, we could make the wake go flat.The boat has a weekender layout; 3 bunks, a very basic galley, sitting headroom.The sailaway price for the J/88 is about $150,000. If you don't see one on the water this summer, you can find one at boat shows, and you can check out our review on boats.com.




J/88 Video Gallery of sailing, daysailing, and racing. (2024)


What is a J88 sailboat? ›

About J/88 Class Association

This mid-sized family speedster is fast, fun and stable with the security and comfort of a sit-in co*ckpit, inboard diesel, overnighting interior and onboard head.

How much does a Grand Prix sailboat cost? ›

SailGP: $5 million boats and courses across the world. Welcome to the 'fastest race on water' | CNN.

Where are J Boats built? ›

J/Boats is an American boat builder based in Newport, Rhode Island and founded by Rod Johnstone in 1977. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of fiberglass sailboats.

What was the name of the first j24? ›

Production. In the summer of 1975 Rodney Johnstone designed and built hull number 1 in his garage in Stonington, Connecticut. "Ragtime" would serve as the master mold for the subsequent hulls. This design allowed him to start the very successful J-Boat company with his brother Bob Johnstone.

How many crews for J88? ›

J/88 Class Association

With maximum crew of six and strict sail limitations, the class rules help to keep costs under control and attracts sailors looking for a rewarding one design experience in a boat that also passes the all important family sailing test.

Why is it called a 420 sailboat? ›

The 420 is an International class recognised by World Sailing. The name refers to the boat's length of 420 centimetres (4.2 m; 13 ft 9 in).

How much do professional racing sailors make? ›

Professional Sailor Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$114,500$55
75th Percentile$89,000$43
25th Percentile$58,000$28

What is the most famous sailboat race in the world? ›

The America's Cup was established in 1851. This is the oldest, and arguably the most prestigious, event in yacht racing. Participants are restricted to a measurement formula for the boats, and the rules concerning this formula have been controversial since the beginning.

What is the most popular sailboat class? ›

The J/24 is the world's most popular keelboat class, with over 5,500 boats built and over 50,000 people actively sailing in more than 150 fleets in 40+ countries.

Who owns J-boats? ›

The Johnstone family has made an undeniable mark on the sailing world. In addition to the 5,500 J/24s cruising the waves, there are over 9,500 more J/Boats, ranging from the International J/22 to the J/65, that sailing enthusiasts have bought at prices ranging from $10,000 to $2,000,000.

How fast do J boats go? ›

J/125 upwind target speed is 7.8 - 8.0 knots. 10+ knots downwind is a daily occurrence.

What is the meaning of J boat? ›

1. : a large yacht of the 76-foot rating class. 2. : a small sailboat raced by children.

Can you capsize a J24? ›

Several J/24s have been known to capsize when a mistake is made or when caught in extreme conditions and, unlike dinghies, there is no positive flotation, so capsized boats can sink.

How much does a J24 draw? ›

Sailboat Specifications
Hull Type:Fin w/transom hung rudder
Beam:8.90 ft / 2.71 m
Displacement:3,100.00 lb / 1,406 kg
Ballast:950.00 lb / 431 kg
Max Draft:4.00 ft / 1.22 m
10 more rows

What does a keelboat look like? ›

They were large, flatbottomed boats with a heavy timber or keel running down the center of the whole length of the boat. They had a sharp keel, a shaped hull, a rounded bow and stern and a roofed cargo hold and crew cabin.

What is a j80 sailboat? ›

The J/80 is an American trailerable sailboat that was designed by Rod Johnstone as a one design racer and first built in 1992. J/80. Development. Designer. Rod Johnstone.

What is a j35 sailboat? ›

The J/35 is an American sailboat that was designed by Rod Johnstone as a racer and first built in 1983. J/35. Development. Designer. Rod Johnstone.

What is a j70 sailboat? ›

J/70 is a trailerable, 6.93-metre (22.7 ft) American sailboat class designed by Alan Johnstone and first built in 2012.

What is a J105 sailboat? ›

As the first keelboat with a retractable bowsprit, the J105 was a breakthrough when Rod Johnstone designed it for J/Boats in 1991, and nearly 700 boats were built. Because it has relatively small jibs and spinnakers and a displacement hull, the boat is easy to sail, yet it still delivers excitement in a breeze.

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