Skyrim Mod Makes Big Improvements to The Dark Brotherhood Questline (2024)


  • A new Skyrim mod enhances the Dark Brotherhood questline with new meeting methods and in-depth plot changes.
  • Players will need to hunt for passwords, kill members in public, and face new challenges in the modified quest.
  • The mod adds depth to the beloved Dark Brotherhood storyline, offering a fresh experience for Skyrim players.

A brand-new mod for Skyrim has been released, which greatly improves the game's Dark Brotherhood questline. While the Dark Brotherhood was already one of Skyrim's more popular questlines, this latest mod helps fulfill its full potential.

There's no doubt that the Skyrim modding community is a big reason that the game remains so popular over 12 years after its initial launch. At this point, there's no element of the game that can't be significantly changed by mods, allowing players to craft their own uniquely curated experience in Bethesda's iconic RPG. As modders have become more familiar with Skyrim under the hood, the mods have only become more impressive over the years. There are even some Skyrim total conversion mods that completely change the game in new and interesting ways. Despite the game's age, the modding community will certainly keep Skyrim active for a while yet.


Unlucky Skyrim Player Bullied by Draugr

During a dungeon run, an unfortunate Skyrim player shares a video of their fight against a group of draugr that kept them from counterattacking.

The mod, titled "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood - Quest Expansion," can be found on Nexus Mods from popular modder jayserpa. There's a ton to unpack here, but one of the main features is that there are new ways to meet the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. Killing any of the vanilla Dark Brotherhood contracts will now trigger being kidnapped by Astrid, and the same remains for those who choose to spare Grelod the Kind by putting her in prison. Astrid will even comment on the player's choice, thanks to new voice lines spliced from the game's original audio.

Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood Questline Gets a Revamp

That's not all, however. The full "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood" quest has been totally overhauled, making it so that players have to hunt for the password to the Sanctuary. Players will also have to kill some of the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood members out in public, too, so it's not as simple as walking into the Sanctuary and killing everyone in sight. Overall, jayserpa's mod provides some much-needed depth to the Dark Brotherhood storyline, particularly for players who want to take down the faction rather than complete the quests as normal.

In any Elder Scrolls game, the Dark Brotherhood always proves to be among the most fun and popular questlines. Bethesda has typically done an amazing job of writing interesting quests for the faction, giving players unique ways to take down the targets given by the Dark Brotherhood. It's always fun to be a little evil in The Elder Scrolls, and the Dark Brotherhood captures that feeling perfectly. Because of this, it will be interesting to see how The Elder Scrolls 6 can improve the Dark Brotherhood. Bethesda's next iteration of the series is likely still some time away yet, but there's no doubt what questline many players will be looking forward to most when it eventually releases.

Skyrim Mod Makes Big Improvements to The Dark Brotherhood Questline (2)

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November 11, 2011
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Skyrim Mod Makes Big Improvements to The Dark Brotherhood Questline (2024)
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