Who is Gabe Kapler Wife? Know Everything about her (2024)

Gabriel Stefan Kapler, commonly known as “Kap,” was born on July 31, 1975. He currently serves as the American assistant general manager of the Miami Marlins in Major League Baseball (MLB).

In addition to his front-office role, Kapler has a background as a former professional MLB outfielder. Furthermore, he has managerial experience, having served as the manager for both the San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies in the MLB.

Fans have been curious to know about the current wife or partner of Gabe Kapler, so let’s take a deeper look into his personal life to know more:

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Gabe Kapler’s Relationship Status: Divorced

Gabe Kapler, a former professional baseball player and current MLB manager, married his high school sweetheart, Lisa Jansen, in 1999 after seven years of dating. Despite their long history, the couple eventually divorced in 2013.

The specific reason for their divorce is not publicly disclosed, but it is noted to have been amicable. In 2013, Kapler mentioned that he and his ex-wife remained best friends and would continue to care for each other. Currently, he is not dating anyone and is solely focusing on his career, keeping dating aside for a while

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Gabe Kapler’s Ex-Wife: Lisa Jansen

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Born and raised in California, Lisa Jansen is an intuitive health and compassion coach, as well as a writer. She was formerly married to Gabe Kapler, the head coach of the San Francisco Giants and a former MLB player. They first met in high school and later married in 1999.

She resides in California and manages her website, where she shares insights on life, health, and happiness. She grew up with her mother and stepdad. Lisa attended a high school in Southern California, where she met Gabe Kapler during their senior year. She is a native American, born and raised in California and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Lisa Jansen’s Education

Lisa’s educational journey began with high school in Southern California. She later pursued studies in nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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Lisa Jansen’s Profession

Currently, Lisa is working as an intuitive health and compassion coach in California. Before this role, she was a highly effective emotional weight loss specialist in Malibu. With an impressive academic background, she currently serves as an integrative health and compassion coach.

Gabe Kapler and Lisa Jansen’s Children

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Gabe Kapler and his ex-wife Lisa Jansen share two sons: Chase Ty Kapler and Dane Rio Kapler. Chase was born on October 8, 1999, and Dane was born on November 3, 2001. Both sons are actively involved in football and have chosen to pursue higher education.

Chase is studying computer science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), while Dane is enrolled at the University of British Columbia.

Despite their father’s public profile, the brothers maintain a low profile on social media. They take pride in Gabe Kapler’s accomplishments as both a player and a coach.

Gabe Kapler’s Divorce

Former Red Sox outfielder Gabe Kapler’s divorce from his wife of 14 years, Lisa Kapler, attracted attention when reported by TMZ. The divorce filing included an unusual request to restore Gabe’s maiden name, prompting questions.

Gabe, now a Fox Sports 1 commentator, clarified to TMZ that the request was likely a clerical error. Despite the divorce, Gabe emphasized that he and his ex-wife remain best friends, committed to supporting each other during this challenging time.

The couple, parents of two children, founded the Gabe Kapler Foundation in 2004 with a mission to combat domestic violence. This initiative stemmed from Lisa Kapler’s personal experience of being in an abusive relationship during high school.

Her journey inspired her to advocate for the cause. Although the foundation’s website is currently offline, the Kaplers’ dedication to raising awareness about domestic violence goes beyond their marital status, highlighting the significance of their collaborative efforts.

Summing Up

Gabe Kapler is not presently married or dating anyone. He was previously married to Lisa Jansen, whom he divorced in 2013 after 14 years of marriage

Love hasn’t entered Gabe Kapler’s life so far, but people are anticipating that he will find a suitable partner soon and get settled again.

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Q. What is the full name of Gabe Kapler?

Gabriel Stefan Kapler is the full name of Gabe Kapler.

Q. What is the current relationship status of Gabe Kapler?

Gabe Kapler is divorced and currently single as of 2024.

Q. Who is the ex-wife of Gabe Kapler?

Lisa Jansen is the ex-wife of Gabe Kapler

Q. How many children does Gabe Kapler have?

Gabe Kapler is the biological father of two children of his own.

Q. How old is Gabe Kapler?

Gabe Kapler will turn 49 years old in 2024

Who is Gabe Kapler Wife? Know Everything about her (2024)
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